Digital or film photography?
I do both digital and film photography. As for film photography, I do everything from developing the film to scanning the film. If I had to choose, I would choose film photography as I find developing and scanning film fun and therapeutic.
What cameras do you own?
Digital Camera - Fujifilm x100f
35mm Film Cameras - Pentax Me Super, Pentax k1000, Olympus Mju 1, Canon Eos 5
120mm Film Camera - Bronica SQ
Favorite style of photography?
My favorite style of photography would have to be street and landscape photography. When taking pictures I usually like to be behind the scenes and capture candid moments.
What do your collections consist of?
My collection consists of my favorite photos taken throughout that specific year. I will definitely make more collections and have more coming.
Selling any physical prints?
Yes. but not available at the moment, so stay tuned. The only physical prints I am offering so far is through my NFTs.
How to contact you?
You may contact me through my website contact form or through my twitter and Instagram!

What Crypto Blockchain are you releasing your NFTs?
I will be releasing my NFTs on the Cardano blockchain (Cnft). maybe in the future I would like to use other blockchains, but not at the moment.
Policy ID and Verified in CNFT marketplaces?
Policy ID: 2c7d12f75e7c132057e94b50c812717ec1c3483bb8695e44efc0ef89
Verified CNFT Marketplaces: JPG.Store - CNFT.io - Tokhun.io - Genesishouse.io - Artifct (not live)
PLEASE Double check policy ID before buying from secondary market!
What Wallet Can I use to Mint?
Only use a SHelley - ERA Cardano wallet such as DAedalus, Nami, Yoroi, CCvault etc. Do not send any aDA from an exchange (Coinbase, Binance) as you will not receive your NFT!
Mint Price? 
Mint prices will be in the crypto currency ADA and will depend on the collection quantity.
How many NFT collections will there be and when will collections be released?
I will constantly be putting out collections and will have different quantities. All collections will be released through my website and will be announced through twitter and discord.
Any Physical Print with the NFts?
Yes, some of my 1/1 collections will come with a physical print.
Benefits for holders?
Yes, holders will have access to airdrops, giveaways etc.
Any royalties?
Yes, there will be a 5% royalties to any marketplace that supports CIP-027 Standard.

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